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black and white photography: $1,100.00 per image... Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
currently; there are 10 images available...
all matting is archival and all print paper is ilford ...
all images under glass w/ black wood frame...
all images are 11 x 14 inches,
sealed, labeled, wired for hanging and signed on the back of the print and on the title label...
after 5 prints of each image are developed, the negative is then struck...
"alzheimer's series" 1 thru 4 will not be sold seperately...
text printed on the mat is shown seperately below the image; unfortunately,
because of the vulgar constraints of the computers parameters...

please click on image to view:

monster's of the id
missing child #3
title: "monster's of the id"
title: "missing child #3"
title: "yuma"
title: "vic"
title: "yaqui-apache"
a mother's hands
alzheimer series: 1
alzheimers series: 2
alzheimers series: 3
alzheimers series: 4
title: "a mother's hands"
title: "alzheimers series: 1"
title: "alzheimers series: 2"
title: "alzheimers series: 3"
title: "alzheimers series: 4"