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songs for parents of missing children is a compilation of songs expressing the hopes, fears, anguish, sense of loss and enduring love felt by parents of missing children:

1. my child forever
2. lullaby in absentia
3. remember i stood so tall
4. down to my knees - 4.4MB
5. human fire
6. taken hostage - 8.5MB
7. all this time -9.6MB
8. lost eyes
9. love sanctions the will
10. dreams of dread-7.6MB
11. this search too long -9.4MB
12. please break my fall

suggestion: right click on music link and choose "save target as" to download the music to your desktop for your listening pleasure...
also; the artist suggests using headphones with eyes closed when experiencing any audio...

the vocals are very reminiscent of **** ***** but stronger,
while the haunting melodies and literate lyrics teach us what it means to lose a child...

please peruse the unsolicited reviews at ...

funds from this project will be donated to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and other proven missing child organizations...

the realization of this project took 12 years of my life... to each and every one of those who passed on it, your rejection fueled my perseverance;
i thank you... to all the musicians and others who said yes and donated their precious time and talents, and to all my search allies and defenders,
i thank you...

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credits: percussion: ben smith; keyboards: ed vance; bass: jesse stern; violin: jeffrey sick; backing vocals: kathi mcdonald, julia goodridge & kirsten vanderwall; recording & mixing engineer: brian valentino; 2nd mixing engineer: kip beelman; recording engineer on backing vocals and violin session: floyd reitsma; mastering: rick fisher; conceived in "hell"; recorded, mixed & mastered on earth...
All Customer Reviews

Courageous Music, March 2, 2005
Reviewer: Josie Kinnon
While emotionally challenging to listen to, it grips your soul and does not let go till the end. The melodies, lyrics, vocals and the instrumentatioan are of the highest level. Transcender is a brave artist who makes powerful music.
Josie Kinnon( Pennsylvania)

Minor Masterpiece, March 15, 2003
Reviewer: Anon A. Moose (Seattle)
The quality of the singing, songwriting, and instrumentals is captivating. The depth of the emotion is challenging. This is a gem not to missed.

Songs for Parents of Missing Children, February 5, 2003
Reviewer: Jerry Martin (Bellevue, WA United States)
I have never experienced the anguish of a missing child. Thank God, my four children are now contributing adults. Yet with Transcender's album, I get a glimpse through his music and lyrics what it must be like. Two chords are struck in me, heart-break and heart-felt love. This is effective stuff, effective enough to make a difference in my life

songsforparentsofmissingchildren, January 25, 2001
Reviewer: A music fan
suprisingly,the intense quality of the songs,vocals,instrumentation and production quality rises above the title and subject matter from the begining of the first song and remains to the end of the last song.....neil young at his most accesible and powerfull come instantly to mind.this cd is not for the emotionally feint of heart,but its well worth the effort.i anticipate his next cd already.

"A Gift to Fatherhood - No One Should Miss This"-- January 16, 2001
Reviewer: "art_lem" (Colorado, USA)
"Songs for Parents of Missing Children" is an album of the best of voice, poetry and melody. Everything about the music and sound quality are excellent. Every song in this album will bring out feelings you've never really known before or feelings you thought you had forgotten. After hearing its beauty (as it is syncronous with the beauty of life), the tears will roll down your cheeks. This album is a description of certain secrets of parenthood in music--a description that no one should miss. "Songs for Parents of Missing Children" should certainly be the soundtrack for movies with relevant themes. It would be a worldwide hit on the easy listening airwaves. Don't miss it. Some say that the artist must be Neil Young, but I disagree. The voice might be reminiscent of Neil Young, but Neil Young never quite sang from the depth of heart that Transcender has found.

songs for parents of missing children by Transcender, December 18, 2000
Reviewer: A music fan
These words and melodies so carefully written, played, and sung by Transcender come from a very original and talented voice. Anyone who has lost a child (due to a variety of circumstances) will be able to relate to the feelings expressed in this exquisite personal communication. Transcender - Songs for the Parents of Missing Children, October 30, 2000
Reviewer: Stu Wieneke (Phoenix, AZ USA)
I have always had the company of my children, yet I often speculate on what my life would be like without them. Transcender has accomplished this in a way that leaves me no doubts about how devestating it would be for me. Sad, yet strangely soothing, his music has a way of communicating the sense of loss that too many parents have suffered already. The acoustic work is excellently done, reminiscent of Neil Young's earlier music, and carries a message that all should hear. It will touch your soul.

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every time this cd is unlawfully duplicated, potentially a missing child remains missing that much longer.................
we appreciate your purchase and hope you share our ethics concerning this particular cd... peace, transcenderarts...
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